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I just realized, I blog when I'm bored

so, I began blogging because I thought it would be a more fun, permanent journal type thing, but I just realized that I only blog when I'm bored, or procrastinating. Like right now, I really should be studying for my physiological psychology final, but I'm here instead. And when I say I should be studying, I really mean I should be studying because right now my class grade is a B- and the grade is based only on the tests, I flunked one (literally) and Aced (literally) the other two if I fail again this last one or even get a C my grade will drop significantly. In psychology we have a term for what I'm doing right now it's called self-handicaping, I'm avoiding studying because I'm afraid I might fail again so in order to preserve my self-esteem I'm not studying so I can blame it on not studying if I do fail. I know, I know it's complicated. Humans, we live off of emotion. I'm happy I'm blogging again though, it's fun, and I really love to read other people's crazy or silly stories!

promotion!!! :D

I finally did it, I finally asked my boss to become a server. I know, I know, it's only serving, but hey! it's better money than hosting, especially for a college student. I used to serve, but made the stupid mistake of quitting a perfectly fine job, but whatever that is in the past and I'm very excited to start serving again at my new restaurant. If there are any viginians reading this, swing by La Tagliatella in Clarendon and have some of our delicious Italian food! If "Belle" (me) is your server let me know you read this and I'll hook you up! ;) soooooo pumped

so many new things

So many new things have happened in my life within the past couple of months (literally). I moved out of my old place, found a new job, gave my relationship a fresh new start... and I still feel like I'm in the same spot as I was when I was unemployed, miserable in my relationship, and stuck in a house I didn't want to live in anymore. I'm happy with my life, don't get me wrong, I just don't feel like I'm making any progress, I feel unproductive. Now that it's summer, I feel even broker than ever, I'm working mad hours so I don't even get to enjoy the extra sun, am I doing something wrong? Like I said, I am happy, I just feel stuck in routine, and I don't know how to break it. 

not caring anymore

So, I'm trying this new thing called "not giving two shits"... I'm gonna stop giving a shit whether or not I see my boyfriend today, or what time he comes home, if he does, stop caring about hurting his feelings by telling him something or not, I just want to not care! About anything!!! 

Jobless, hopeless, it's all the same

It's been about a month that I went jobless, I don't know how to feel about it anymore, I mean at first I was excited about finding a new job that I would be excited about, but now, I'm just hopeless. It may be just the universe punishing me for quiting my last job for the wrong reasons, I cheated on my boyfriend with someone from my work and he hated my job so I just quit. I've thought about asking for it back, but I've always hated going backwards, or I'm too prideful to even show my face back there and ask for it. Either way, all I know is, I'm screwed, BIG TIME. Rent is due soon, Christmas is coming and I just want to die.
My mood: very worried

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